rifugio fodom
rifugio fodom
rifugio fodom
Freedom among
the Dolomite peaks
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Lasting memories

Discover the history and tradition of the Fodom hut

A unique family experience in the Dolomites, stepped in tradition and surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Sellaronda.

The history the Rifugio Fodom is closely linked to the family. It began in February 1985, when grandparents Paolo and Emma opened a small hut with an outdoor snow bar, where they served sandwiches to passing hikers and skiers. The following year, in December 1986, the Fodom refuge was officially opened. In December 1993, Mauro and Luisa took over the management of the hut, adding a new hall and kitchen. In 2010, further improvements were made with the construction of the "Icebar", an observation tower, a terrace and a new hall on the upper floor. In the summer of 2015, the "XUZ" kiosk was added to meet the needs of visitors. Since then, the mountain hut Fodom has remained true to its family roots, maintaining an authentic and welcoming experience for its guests.